Kristen Marie

Hair Extensions + Color Specialist


For over 15 years Kristen's education and artistic approach has made her a talented, experienced colorist and extensions specialist. 

Kristen has managed to continue to provide excellent service and a happy, loyal clientele. "I take pride in my work, I can customize a look that suits each individuals personality."

Kristen is a great hairstylist. She listens to her clients every word and puts in the extra effort to achieve a common goal. She understands blondes and helped me with some color correction I did to myself. I plan on going to her from here on out and it's refreshing to finally find someone that discusses all my options for what I'm working with to manage expectations. She is also very enjoyable to chat with and time in her chair feels like time with a friend you haven't seen in a bit. Very cozy and welcoming then you look awesome!!!

Hayley H

Kristen is AWESOMMMMMEEEE! She did an amazing job on my hair. I started with a blowout and deep conditioning and my dead hair felt amazing and smelled so good for like 5 days.

Next session was another conditioning, cut & style and i took a huge step and went pretty short (chopped 12 inches D:) . I wasn't sure how I would curl it being so short so she showed me how to do beach waves and i looooove it!

Great conversations the entire time, and she offers wine, coffee, water & candy! I came at the Marina Phenix Salons and it was a great experience. I will be back! I definitely recommend a cut/style with Kristen. It is well worth it & she'll take care of you.

Jenni A

Kristen is great at what she does!! She's talked me through every step of my new extensions and makes herself available for follow up questions. Very professional, very kind and can't wait to see what other magic she can do on my hair!!!

Georgina J

Kristen is amazing!  I went to her first for her expertise in extensions, and I was thrilled with the results.  They look great and she definitely knows what she is doing.  She gives honest input and is up front about pricing also.  Now she does my cuts and color also...and I've been extremely happy with it all!  Highly recommend her.

Kristen B

One word: amazing! First because Kristen is extremely talented. Second for her capability to understand customers need and provide a outstanding customer experience. It was my first time and I am sticking with her forever. So don't be afraid. She is amazing!

Lesli O

Kristen is very professional, honest and skilled with the most recent trends. Prices are reasonable and her station is clean. I would recommend her to anyone.

Carrie C

I walked into a salon 10 years ago and the stylist I was referred to wasn't available so the owner asked if I wanted to try Kristen. I've been her client ever since. I'm a loyal customer every 6 weeks! I get cut, highlights and style, she always does an amazing, consistent job. I always get tons of compliments on my color and the condition of my hair. It never looked like this before Kristen. She is also very innovative and up to date on latest trends and ideas to keep styles and color fresh. Love her and definitely recommend her.

Amanda F

"Kristen is an amazing hair stylist. Her vision and experience in the industry is nothing like I have experienced before. I leave feeling like a different woman every time I see her. Thank you Kristen for your dedication to making woman feel beautiful."

Jessica L

"Kristen is a great stylist and is always up for a creative challenge! I have been seeing her for 6 years (color, cuts, vibrant colors) and highly recommend her to anyone in the Orange County area."

Lexi L


“Really listens to what I was looking for thank you so much!”

Sharon E


“Kristen is very professional, very nice and good at what she does.”

Cindy L


“Kristen is very knowledgeable of what color's will work with my hair! She also will suggest using different hair products to use for my specific hair needs.”

Sue C


“Kristen does such a great job! She listens carefully and really wants to give me the cut and color I'm looking for. I'm happy with my hair every time!! ”

Laura B


“I've been going to Kristen every 6 weeks for 12 years. She always does a great job. My hair is always healthy and well taken care of and I always get alot of positive comments on my color. She is great at what she does. My hair has changed quite a bit over the last 12 years and she knows exactly what to do to work with it and keep it looking great. ”

Amanda F


“I always love the way my hair comes out. Kristen makes sure you are always satisfied!”

Cc C


“Krisen is very professional, very nice and good at what she does.”

Cindy L


“Met Kristen in 2009 when we first moved to Brea. She is wonderful and I completely trust her decision on what hairstyle and color would look good on me.”



“Kristen is AMAZING!! I am soo picky with my hair and she has exceeded all my expectations. She is amazing at highlights and the balayage method. I have died my hair black to blond and all the colors in between (red) etc and my hair still looks and feels so healthy :)”



“Kristen not only does beautiful work, but also is very personable and a great to visit with. ”



“Kristen has been cutting my hair for close to two years. She's great at what she does, fun to talk to, flexible with appointments and that's why I keep going back to her. Highly recommend her!”



“kristen is the cats meow! After my haircut I can't keep chicks from wanting to talk to me. ”



“Kristen is the best!



“I have been coming to Kristen for a few years. She has always tried to accomodate my schedule and she does excellent work! She is meticulous and always strives for perfection."



“Kristen did such a great job with my haircut. I had a ton of breakage that you could see on the top layer of my hair, it gave me a really weird mullet type thing (I have long fine blonde hair), but her cut made it all blend so well I don't even notice it now! I was miserable, and now it's totally fixed! And she's so sweet too :)”



“Great place! Love my beautiful hairdresser, Kristen Lenahan!!



“I truly enjoy having Kristen as my stylist. She makes me feel comfortable at every visit and listens to what I want to do, while giving her professional opinion."



“Kristen is very professional and listens to my needs. She makes great suggestions and executes them to perfection! I am glad I found her over 7 year ago! ”



“Very pleasant experience. She was knowledgeable and did an excellent job on my extensions and color. I'd highly recommend her! ”


I've been getting my hair done by Kristen for years now. The length of my hair never grew past the length   my shoulders. After she put some extensions in, my hair grew about 6in. Now a blow out later and colors from red auburn to blonde etc. it's healthier than ever thanks to her advice and of course the awesome work she does.

Yvette M